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The World's First Biodegradable & Eco-friendly Sanitary napkins

Patent No.: ZL 2012-2-0080104.4


Shandong Province scientific and technological achievements identified products

“Saitenm“ sanitary napkins use our patent material (patent no.: ZL 2012-2-0080104.4) corn and bamboo fiber as top sheet, the main raw materials is corn fiber and bamboo fiber, effectively combine corn fiber's softness and bamboo fiber's super water absorption, antibacterial properties. Avoid the hurt from the traditional sanitary supplies to women and babies fundamentally.

Product Feature

Antibacterial: Bamboo fiber contains the bamboo bin, its sterilization, bactericidal and antibacterial effect is the best in existing plant fiber, and is widely used in home textile, underwear, etc.

Allergy Free: Corn&Bamboo fiber is pure plant fiber without stimulating to the body, suitable for allergic women.

Skin Affinity: Corn fiber comfortable smoothness. Skin affinity is several times of cotton.

Breathable: The breathability of bamboo fiber is the first of all kinds of fibers, experts called "breathing fiber".

Health-Care: Bamboo fiber contains a lot of antioxidants, it can effectively remove free radicals in the body, keep elasticity, delay aging.

Biodegradable: Use bio-plastic, biodegradable packing box, made from natural bamboo & corn fiber, Chlorine & dioxin bleach free.

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