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Why choose Kebel sanitary napkins?

SaitePotential brand

Shandong Saite New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in April 2001. Over the years, with the support of governments at all levels and all walks of life, after ten years of hard work, the company has always led the market with core technology and relied on years of understanding and in-depth research and development of special functional fibers to successfully develop corn. Fiber and bamboo fiber fabrics are used in the production of hygiene products. Due to the use of pure natural green environmentally-friendly degradable raw materials, the problem of household materials, sanitary napkins and diapers being easily infected with bacteria is solved from the source, and the micro-environment pollution is avoided. The company's business tenet of "people-oriented, technological innovation, environmental protection, and benefiting mankind" assumes the historical mission of "dividing the government for the benefit of mankind", applying biotechnology to daily consumer products, and improving the future development of scientific and technological content. Industrial innovation. We are determined to be the world's most natural, professional, fashionable and environmentally friendly manufacturer and service provider of home textile products and disposable hygiene products.

Our results:

In 2011, it was awarded the special fiber brand listed in the Qilu Equity Exchange Center and obtained a number of national patents.

In 2013, it was awarded the Science and Technology Innovation Award by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

Strong research

The “Kaibeier” and “Kylebeibei” Yuzhu fiber hygiene products produced by Scitech are made of pure natural degradable corn fiber and bamboo fiber blended fabric, and imported from fluff pulp and other raw materials. The bamboo stalk in the jade bamboo fiber has antibacterial and antibacterial functions, and can effectively prevent symptoms such as rash and allergic rash. The softness and comfort of corn fiber, the natural antibacterial effect of bamboo fiber in bamboo fiber and its high water absorption make the maternal and child group using it far away from the traditional health products and chemical fiber fabrics to invade the human body, and survive the menstrual period and development period.

“Site Shares” carries the theme of natural, green and environmental protection, and natural products are the soul of healthy living. Only natural products can create vitality and vitality, so that the homeland on which human beings depend for is full of hope.

“Site shares” represents the pursuit of nature, health, purity and fashion. The surface layer of Kebel Yuzhu fiber has no chemical fiber. Women use sanitary napkins, and babies use diapers, which do not cause allergies, rashes, itching. It is dry, comfortable, healthy and free from chemical fiber and non-woven fabrics.

"Scitech shares" means responsibility, as an environment-friendly enterprise, pure commitment, environmental responsibility and natural care fully prove that "Site shares" is to lead the industry, lead the market, lead consumers, use the body and mind to feel healthy, Carrying natural environmentally friendly disposable hygiene products with care.

Headquarters system, marketing system, agent three systems work together

The supervision system is the guarantee for the implementation of the chain network standard, and it is also the necessity for the continuous improvement and optimization of the chain network. Through scientific, standardized and mature supervision and training systems, Scitech Kaibel comprehensively and systematically guides the operation of the franchise center, ensuring the strict implementation of the Kaibel agent operating system standards and the replication of the operating model. The company's supervision service system has formed a meticulous and perfect service system for the sanitation industry. This is the strong support of the Kaibel headquarters to the franchisees and the basis for harmonious and common development!

◆ Give a good brand

Based on high-tech innovation, Kaibel Hygiene Products is committed to providing a high-quality brand for society, customers and consumers.

◆ Give a good service

Chinese and foreign market planning teams with rich experience guide the agents and accelerate the speed of starting the terminal market.

◆Build a good team

The company will be stationed in the city manager to help agents build a strong regional market. In-depth market, practical drills, on-site reviews, and standardized management to nurture a new generation of managers. In the implementation of deepening the integrated marketing model, the marketing company's comprehensive service capability is the key to the management and core of localized service marketers. Further standardize management, refine management, strengthen team building, and promote deep integration of marketing models in place.

◆ Give a good policy

Peekbell's marketing strategy of dual-control and dual-investment is that agents have no worries when operating regional markets.

◆Build a good training platform

With the headquarters training center as the platform, we will vigorously carry out targeted, time-sensitive marketing, marketing and management training, aiming at improving the ability and creating standardized professional standards, and achieving high quality, high standards and high performance requirements. Transform the layman into a professional marketing team. Solve problems for agents in a timely manner.