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Polygonatum fiber degradable environmentally friendly sanitary napkin

Shandong Science and Technology Achievements Recognition Project

Natural: The surface material of Kebel Yuzhu fiber sanitary napkin does not contain any chemical fiber ingredients, so that women are not allergic to use, no rash, no itching. Bring comfort, health and dryness to women, away from the harmful effects of chemical fiber nonwovens on the human body and mind;

Green: It means pure commitment, environmental responsibility, and environmental care.

Health: the true color of nature, the first color of healthy life;

Environmental protection: Infiltrate the natural peace, embrace the values ​​of cooperation, and have a high degree of responsibility and green care for society, enterprises, employees, agents and consumers;

Science and technology: non-polluting raw materials, Shandong Province scientific and technological achievements identification project;

Fashion: Each design of Kebel's products reflects the psychological and aesthetic requirements of various consumer groups.

Bamboo fiber generation

Yuzhu fiber sanitary napkins are made of corn fiber and bamboo fiber. The softness of corn fiber and the antibacterial property of bamboo fiber in bamboo fiber have fundamentally improved the damage of traditional health care products to women and children.

After being discarded, Yuzhu fiber products can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water through microbial action in soil or seawater, which fundamentally solves the second largest environmental pollution source after plastic bags and disposable lunch boxes are polluted by the world environment. The living environment contributes.

Bamboo fiber and corn fiber characteristics

1. Moisture and breathable crowns are the first of all major fibers

Textile experts call it "breathing fiber", which is three times more absorbent than cotton. It is dry, moist, soft, comfortable, non-permeable and fast to absorb.

2, natural health care, improve the body's immunity

The antioxidant compounds in the raw material elements are effective in removing free radicals and lipid peroxidases from the body.

3, antibacterial deodorant, no alternative sterilization experts

The raw materials have natural antiseptic, deodorizing and insect-repellent effects. Bamboo stalks in bamboo fiber have certain antibacterial properties, avoiding self-source bacterial contamination of sanitary napkins.

4, natural environmental protection, natural degradation

Natural fiber, which is biodegradable and degraded into water and carbon dioxide under the action of microorganisms, fundamentally solves the second major environmental pollution after the white pollution of plastic bags and disposable lunch boxes to the world environment, in order to protect the living environment of human beings. make a contribution.

5, packaging safety and humanization

It is made of food-grade packaging materials, moisture-proof, anti-virus, anti-mold and lining aluminum foil paper packaging.

6, beautiful appearance

The pressure groove is moderate, the skin feels soft like velvet fabric, and there is no feeling of squeezing or friction.