Saite, established in April 2001 and located in Huantai Development Zone, Zibo, Shandong, is a production-oriented import and export enterprise. The entire company was restructured into a joint-stock company in 2011 and was listed in Qilu Equity Transaction Center the same year. Then the company successfully landed on the new three boards in August 2015 and was listed in the National SME share transfer system on September 11, 2015.

Main Business: The R&D, production and sales of biodegradable hygienic products and special functional household products. Advocate natural environmentally friendly life concepts; and provide services for one-package home care.

Intellectual Property: We have 6 national patents and 8 registered trademarks, covering sanitary products, home textiles, bath items, healthy foods, new type household appliances and other home life supplies. The products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions and also sell well in first- and second-tier cities of China.

Industry Status: We have been committed to product research and development and the construction of sales channels; and applying special functional fibers into household products, maternal and infant products, creating a precedent for the industry. Currently, we rank first in industry segments; our products are China’s only products that won the provincial technology achievement confirmation. Our products are advanced in performance, stay in the leading level among the similar products in China and have filled up the industrial blank of China.

Saite is at a new starting point and facing new development opportunities. On the basis of the previous commercial mode, we expand an “Internet+” based cross-border e-business operation mode, which will fundamentally change the company’s profitability. “Internet + Manufacturing + Foreign Trade” has the features of breaking asymmetric information, lowering transaction costs, promoting specialization-based division of labor and enhancing labor productivity, and provides important support for the enterprise transformation and upgrading. In the mean time, under the tremendous support of the current government departments at all levels, mobile internet has started its progress of penetrating into all industries comprehensively, blending the innovative achievements of Internet in all fields of the economic society in depth, enhancing the innovation power and productivity of entity economy and forming a new economic development form of “The Masses Make Innovation, Millions of People Start up Business”.

Saite cross-border e-business mode will be positioned as an “Internet+” based cross-border e-business operation mode through Saite Mall, Mobile APP, wechat toocle, and overseas and domestic distribution four blocks and achieve pre-aggregation of orders at pre-sales and seamless links from offline to online, from product to service and from enterprise to customers. On the basis of the deep understanding to the national industry planning, Saite has had the favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions. We will strive to complete the company’s second transformation through new operation mode and realize our overall planning and strategic goals in the future three years.